Paul Bennett
Fractional CMO

Paul Bennett

I help businesses of all sizes build effective marketing strategies, creating distinctiveness and sustainable growth through developing and bringing to life a strong brand positioning and then consistent experience delivery.

About Paul.

Paul, the former Global Brand Director of AXA, brings a wealth of experience in brand transformation and marketing strategy. With his expertise, he successfully led AXA's complete brand overhaul, propelling it to become one of the top 3 global Financial Services brands. Under his guidance, AXA transitioned from an institutional brand to one with a more modern and human perception, resulting in significantly higher consumer preference.

In addition to his achievements at AXA, Paul played a pivotal role in driving the rapid growth of Huboo, the leading eCommerce Fulfilment brand, across Europe. Simultaneously, he runs his own marketing consultancy, where he has assisted numerous businesses and agencies in delivering impactful results.

Paul's areas of expertise encompass marketing strategy, development, and management. He excels in various aspects, including positioning, identity, creative execution, media planning, sponsorship, brand performance measurement, and user experience. Moreover, Paul serves as an Educator and Mentor at the university level, sharing his knowledge on Purpose, Brand, and Sponsorship.

What sets Paul apart is his outstanding ability to collaborate effectively, resulting in highly productive and engaged teams. His success is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and his talent for building and shaping successful teams.

"Many people see Marketing as a ‘nice to have’, ‘something to do later’ or a ‘cost’. However, I believe effective marketing is essential to every business that wants to achieve sustainable growth. Based on a good diagnosis, you can gain strategic clarity which leads to building a distinctive, consistent brand from day one with the right balance between long term investment and promotional activities."

Marketing Superpowers.

  • Marketing Strategy Diagnosis
  • Growth Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Positioning & Communications

Marketing Projects Delivered by Paul.

Global Brand Relaunch - AXA UK

More than doubled the value of the AXA brand to $13bn through devising and installing a new global brand positioning and strategy across 64 markets. This included brand identity architecture and global communications platform and flagship customer experience. (Delivered whilst at AXA UK).

Affiliate Marketing - AXA UK

As part of building AXA's innovative marketing partnerships in key growth markets, established a highly effective partnership with Liverpool Football Club to build a warmer, more human brand which led to a 30+ % increase in brand consideration in Asia and a 96% employee preference rate. (Delivered whilst at AXA UK).

Brand Launch - Qorus

Developed and executed a new marketing strategy for Qorus to bring a struggling Financial Services community based organisation back to relevance and profit. This included a full rebrand and new experience-led digital platform. (Delivered whilst at Qorus).

Growth Marketing - Huboo  

Built the marketing strategy and capability for global expansion for Huboo. Relaunched the brand with a new global positioning, identity and digital ecosystem. Doubled new business leads volumes and increased conversions through the funnel. (Delivered whilst at Huboo).

Marketing Operations - AXA UK

Devised a ground-breaking advertising model to bring all creative and media spend under one roof, immediately saving AXA €7m a year. This included agency pitches and roster building and campaign planning to create higher quality creative through a fewer, bigger, better campaign development approach. (Delivered whilst at AXA UK).

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