Jay Ludditt
Fractional CMO

Jay Ludditt

I am a business-minded strategic leader who blends creativity, innovation, and data-driven insights to drive growth and impact.

About Jay.

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Jay is a business-minded strategic leader who blends creativity, innovation, and insights to drive growth and impact.

Jay is Co-founder and former CMO of UNiDAYS, a successful high-growth SaaS business that became a global leader in student marketplaces and digital verification. Since 2017 he has driven growth in the professional body sector, establishing new revenue streams and digital strategies to highly engaged communities.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM) and is a supporter of other not-for-profit causes, providing strategic input through non-executive director roles.

"Businesses should stand out for the right reasons. I help them to find their voice and connect with the right audiences in meaningful ways."

Marketing Superpowers.

  • Brand voice and positioning
  • Digital Strategy
  • Mentoring and inspiring teams

Marketing Projects Delivered by Jay.

Marketing Director - The Institute of Leadership

Delivered rebrand programme, repositioning the organisation in the professional body space as the brand 100% focused on leadership practice and science, and successfully reversing the effect of brand confusion and wrongful association following a previous de-merger. (Delivered whilst at The Institute of Leadership.)

Co-founder & CMO - UNiDAYS

Generated exponential growth through global rollout. 250k users acquired during US launch campaign, through performance marketing, brand ambassadors, brand partnerships and referral strategy. Achieved 1m verified users in Australian market through multichannel media and activation campaign and brand partners. UK market at 90%. (Delivered whilst at UNiDAYS).

Head of Digital Strategy - The Institute of Leadership & Management

Led ‘the Big Switch’ project to introduce B2B services to the Institute for the first time - transitioning from a solely B2C membership offer. Evolved bespoke e-learning solution and rolled out the MyLeadership brand to public and private sector markets. (Delivered whilst at The Institute of Leadership & Management).


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