Paul Mills
Fractional CMO

Paul Mills

I'll make you think differently about how to take your business to market and transform it into a market-leading brand.


About Paul.

Paul, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), possesses an impressive track record of delivering strong results both domestically and internationally. He is renowned for his ability to transform marketing performance in SMEs and global matrix organisations. With a keen focus on driving growth and establishing award-winning brands, Paul has made significant contributions across multiple sectors including legal, professional services, and financial services.

In 2023, Paul founded VCMO with the mission to help businesses build a stronger competitive advantage through a superior marketing capability. Through Paul’s visionary leadership, VCMO’s purpose is to catalyze growth by uniting businesses with the best strategic marketers, delivery partners and growth investors.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Paul serves as a Non-Executive Director for Inspire, a prominent business accelerator in the South West region of the UK. This role allows him to contribute his expertise to nurture and propel the growth of emerging businesses.

Additionally, Paul leverages his extensive knowledge and experience as an educator, imparting invaluable insights to aspiring marketing leaders and owner-managers. His no-nonsense approach to marketing strategy is highly sought-after, leading him to regularly engage in keynotes and podcasts, where he shares his invaluable insights with a wide audience.

"Businesses don’t fail because of a lack of cash flow. They fail because of a fundamental flaw in their marketing strategy. Focusing more time and resources on marketing strategy will mitigate future cash flow problems and business failure."

Marketing Superpowers.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Communications
  • Operational Transformation

Marketing Projects Delivered by Paul.

Corporate Rebrand & Marketing Operations - Shaw & Co

Building an effective marketing platform from scratch and delivery of a full corporate rebrand for Shaw & Co to position it as a disruptor in the UK corporate finance sector. The rebrand project included developing brand identity architecture, a mobile-first optimised website, and a comprehensive suite of marketing collateral to support sales activities, doubling revenue over 2-year period. (Delivered whilst at Shaw & Co).

Marketing Transformation - DAS UK Group

Decommissioning 122 legacy websites for DAS UK Group and replacing with four enterprise-grade corporate websites to support a customer base of 9 million. Rebrand and repositioning of DAS Law as independent law firm. Downsizing of marketing function to support wider organisational transformation whilst increasing volume of marketing outputs. (Delivered whilst at DAS Law and DAS UK Group).

Performance Marketing - Grant Thornton

Built and grew the marketing team for Grant Thornton's Business Growth Services division and its capability to support the national delivery and promotion of the UK Government’s ‘GrowthAccelerator’ programme. Significantly increased run rate of client sign-ups achieving the Government target which resulted in a contract extension. (Delivered whilst at Grant Thornton).

National Rebrand - Shoosmiths

Delivery of a national rebrand to position Shoosmith's consumer services division away from the corporate services division. (Delivered whilst at Shoosmiths).

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