Ellen M. Steinlauf
Fractional CMO

Ellen M. Steinlauf

If you're a US, European or AsiaPac based company, I can help you enter or quickly scale in the US market.

About Ellen.

Ellen specialises in working with CEOs and Boards of B2B startups and SMBs in the SaaS, Technology, and Professional Services sectors. She has also worked for world class firms in these sectors leveraging her knowledge of these market segments to create and implement digital marketing and demand generation strategies. Ellen's approach typically results in a significant increase in qualified leads for sales and recurring year-on-year revenue growth. Once implemented, Ellen's strategies pay dividends for B2B SaaS firms in both recurring revenue as well as a significant reduction in paid advertising costs.

As the acting Global Chief Marketing Officer for her clients, Ellen builds the firm’s marketing strategy, closely aligned with the business strategy, and executes multi-year digital marketing plans. She has deep hands-on expertise in implementing multi-channel solutions for her clients across multiple marketing technology platforms. Her hands on approach to messaging / positioning, website implementation, marketing automation, inbound and content marketing, sales support and integration, and marketing analytics is unique among senior marketing executives.

Ellen's academic background includes an MBA in Finance from the Rutgers Graduate School of Management.

"I am passionate about working with CEOs and / or PE – VC firms, who understand the need for digital marketing and demand generation; especially for B2B SaaS and Financial / Professional Services firms. I build the strategy, approach, infrastructure, operations, and execution of all aspects of digital marketing to help them enter a new market and/or grow quickly. I work closely with their sales leader to fully integrate marketing and sales."

Marketing Superpowers.

  • Messaging, positioning and go-to-market strategies for complex technology and services businesses.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Building qualified teams to deliver on multi-year marketing plans reducing CAC over time.

Marketing Projects Delivered by Ellen.

Acting Global CMO - Scorebuddy

Ellen acted as Global CMO for this Call Center Quality Assurance SaaS software provider as a startup entering the US Market. She implemented Scorebuddy’s demand generation strategy & infrastructure including messaging / positioning, inbound marketing operation, marketing automation and Salesforce integration, content marketing, SEO, Website messaging & content development, marketing analytics / dashboards for reporting. These activities resulted in a significant growth in traffic and qualified leads for Sales. (Delivered whilst at Scorebuddy).

Acting Global CMO - Disprz

Ellen acted as Global CMO for this learning & development startup entering the US Market. She formulated the firm’s demand generation strategy & infrastructure including messaging / positioning, inbound marketing operation, marketing automation and Salesforce integration, content marketing, SEO, paid advertising, website messaging & content development, marketing analytics / dashboards for reporting.

Ellen led and managed global teams in the establishment and operationalisation of marketing automation, Salesforce & sales team integration, content marketing, SEO, lead generation, pipeline management, marketing analytics/metrics reporting to the CEO. She also established and refined the messaging and positioning, launched a rebranding effort, wrote the content, and worked with an agency to design and build a new website, to create brand awareness to strengthen its presence in the US. (Delivered whilst at Disprz).

Strategic Advisory Service - TalentUI

Ellen worked with a well-established and premiere CEO Coaching consultancy SDL (Strategic Designs for Learning). She acted as a strategic business and digital marketing advisor to conceptualise and launch a SaaS talent management product as well as formulating the messaging and positioning for a new website. She helped the Founders create a robust digital marketing, inbound process, and sell the product to new and existing customers. Ellen helped the Founders find strategic partners and was instrumental in building pitches and collateral. (Delivered whilst at TalentUI).

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