Jonathan McGregor
Fractional CMO

Jonathan McGregor

I create step change in growth through brand and digital transformation and building the right marketing team structures and skill-sets.

About Jonathan.

Jonathan has established himself as an innovative and dynamic advisor with expertise operating as an Ecommerce Director, Chief Marketing Officer & Non-Exec Director/Strategy Consultant to deliver brand, product digital growth transformation strategies and Ecommerce growth solutions with a proven track record across different sectors, projects and start-ups.

Across his numerous roles, Jonathan has successfully devised, implemented, and embedded marketing strategies for different clients in line with their strategic objectives and priorities to drive sales growth across global markets. He has a considerable wealth of experience supporting the building of direct-to-consumer brands, including the development of digital marketing and ecommerce strategies at board level and successful subscription services and loyalty schemes.

Jonathan has deep experience in implementing omni-channel solutions for clients across multiple channels and platforms as well as developing complex e-commerce solutions brand equity, reputation, and delivering on sales and profitability targets. He is effective at leading people and teams through change including overhauling operational performance through working practices and outcomes as part of embedding best practice.

"One of my key strengths is my experience running P&Ls, sales operations, contact centers, and achieving targets. This drives my customer-centric focus and growth-oriented approach within the companies that hire me. I bring extensive expertise in both digital and traditional marketing, skillfully blending the right mix supported by organizational skills and technology."

Marketing Superpowers.

  • End-to-end Business Transformation
  • Ecommerce Sales
  • Marketing Technology Implementation

Marketing Projects Delivered by Jonathan.

Acting CMO - LeaseLoco

Appointed as Leaseloco’s acting CMO to assist the CEO with the 5-year plan to become market leader in the category. Provided strategic leadership by setting out a clear brand and growth strategy. Designed and delivered a transformational change roadmap to help the business achieve scale and become more competitive in the market. Successfully secured £5m investment to support the new business plan. (Delivered whilst at LeaseLoco).

Acting CMO - The Royal Mint

Designed and delivered two programs for digital and brand transformation. Successfully led the e-commerce, brand, digital technology and marketing operations across a portfolio of seven global consumer businesses. Oversaw 150% increase in online growth across the key portfolio. (Delivered whilst at The Royal Mint).

Group CMO & Acting MD - PHS Business Services Group

Led a group wide marketing and sales transformation for PHS Group a £500 million revenue business services group operating in 10 countries. Objectives to create a master brand and cross sales operating model across 12 operating divisions that had been working in silos under 50 different brands, 30 different websites and 13 sales contact centers. Transitioned to one master brand and ecommerce platform with one centralised CRM system. Also consolidated 13 contact centres into 3 and won UK contact center transformation award and technology innovation award for adding over £20million cross sales revenue to the group. (Delivered whilst at PHS).

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