Retain Pricing Plan.

Engage our Fractional Marketing Executives through our Retain Pricing Plan, perfect for businesses needing the stability of longer-term marketing leadership. Our Retainer Agreement comes with a 5% discount.

Embrace Stability

For businesses facing intricate marketing challenges, Retain offers the assurance and stability of extended leadership support. Whether it's supervising digital transformations, revitalising marketing functions, or orchestrating global product launches, our Fractional Marketing Executives stand by your side, consistently driving impactful marketing initiatives. This sustains your business's growth and long-term prosperity.

Unlock Long-Term Opportunities.

In a swiftly changing market, stability and forward planning are vital. Retain lets your business tap into its complete potential by providing an extended presence of a dedicated strategic and operational leadership. This allows your Fractional CMO to deeply engage with your brand, stay ahead of industry shifts, and continually enhance marketing strategies to adapt to evolving market conditions. With Retain, you can build and secure a competitive advantage, positioning your business for sustainable success and establishing a robust brand presence.

Retain is Most Suitable for Businesses:

  • Requiring coverage during extended leadership absences.
  • In the process of rebuilding the marketing function.
  • Operating within constrained financial resources.
  • In need of longer-term marketing support.
  • Undergoing significant transformations.

Retain – Discounted Pricing

Our Retain Pricing Plan is structured around our standard daily rate, but with a 5% discount applied.

Our standard day rate is as follows:

Small Businesses

Less than 50 employees; annual turnover under £8.5m or €10m:
£712.50 +VAT per day / €850 / $900;

Medium-Sized Businesses

Less than 250 employees; annual turnover under £43m or €50m:
£950 +VAT per day / €1,140 / $1,235;

Large Enterprises

Over 250 employees; annual turnover exceeding £43m or €50m:
£1,235 +VAT per day / €1,425 / $1,615.

Retain Pricing Plan - Terms & Conditions

  • You enter into a minimum 3-month Retainer Agreement consisting of at least 12 hire days.
  • A Cancellation Fee applies if less than 1 months' notice is given (see Cancellation Policy below).
  • Before an engagement begins, you must accept our standard Terms of Business.
  • Invoices will be sent after each daily engagement or a series of consecutive days.
  • Payment for invoices is expected upon receipt.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the Retainer Agreement without incurring a fee by giving one months' written notice. Otherwise, we impose a Cancellation Fee based on this scale:

  • 1 or more months' notice: No Cancellation Fee.
  • Less than 4 weeks' notice: Cancellation Fee equivalent to 2 hire days.

We implement a Cancellation Fee because our Fractional Marketing Executives reserve their schedules exclusively for your brand, and the scale reflects potential lost work.

Our Other Pricing Plans...


Fixed Pricing Plan.

Let us deliver a Scope of Work for a fixed price. Ideal for budget management, providing cost predictability without unexpected fluctuations.


Flex Pricing Plan.

Our pay-as-you-go option comes with no Retainer and is ideal for businesses with fluctuating requirements or ad-hoc project-based marketing needs.


If you would like to discuss hiring a part-time CMO through our Retain Pricing Plan, simply get in touch.

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