Fixed Pricing Plan.

Hire our Fractional Marketing Executives to deliver a specified Scope of Work for a fixed-price. Ideal for businesses seeking budget predictability and cost-effective solutions without long-term commitments. Great news for your CFO!

Embrace Budget Predictability

We understand that some businesses need budget certainty, and with our Fixed Pricing Plan, we agree a fixed cost for a specified scope of work. Whether it's supporting a CMO recruitment process, delivering training, revamping a website, or running a targeted campaign, our marketing experts deliver impactful solutions. This ensures your business achieves its goals while staying within a predetermined budget.

Unlock Short-Term Opportunities

In a fast-paced business environment, seizing short-term opportunities is crucial. Fixed allows you to take advantage of immediate opportunities, driving growth and achieving desired results. This enables your Fractional CMO to focus entirely on the task at hand, ensuring efficient execution and successful outcomes.

Fixed is Most Suitable for Businesses:

  • Requiring specific project-based marketing solutions.
  • Seeking clarity and predictability in project costs.
  • Dealing with short-term marketing challenges.
  • Requiring immediate marketing expertise.
  • In need of cost-effective budget control.

Fixed – Our Pricing

For any specified scope of work that you want us to deliver, we estimate the cost using our standard daily rate, which is:

Small Businesses

Less than 50 employees; annual turnover under £8.5m or €10m:
£750 +VAT per day / €900 / $950;

Medium-sized Businesses

Less than 250 employees; annual turnover under £43m or €50m:
£1,000 +VAT per day / €1,200 / $1,300;

Large Enterprises

Over 250 employees; annual turnover exceeding £43m or €50m:
£1,300 +VAT per day / €1,500 / $1,700.

Fixed Pricing Plan - Terms & Conditions

  • A defined Scope of Work must be available and agreed between both parties.
  • If there is scope creep, the Scope of Work will be reviewed and adjusted if appropriate.
  • Before an engagement begins, you must accept our standard Terms of Business.
  • Invoices will be issued as per the project agreement, with payment expected upon receipt.
  • Project scope and cost will be detailed in a Scope of Work Agreement.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel the engagement at any point if our service delivery fails to meet your expectations, or if your business situation suddenly changes. Any work to the point of cancellation will be invoiced.

Our Other Pricing Plans...


Flex Pricing Plan.

Our pay-as-you-go option comes with no Retainer and is ideal for businesses with fluctuating requirements or ad-hoc project-based marketing needs.


Retain Pricing Plan.

Our Retainer Agreement comes with 5% discounting that rewards businesses requiring marketing leadership over an extended period of time.


If you would like to discuss hiring a part-time CMO through our Fixed Pricing Plan, simply get in touch.

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