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Venture Capital & Private Equity Investors.

We partner with leading venture capital and private equity firms to support pre-investment marketing due diligence. We can also improve the marketing capability of portfolio companies to boost EBITDA performance and marketing ROI, ultimately enhancing enterprise valuation before your exit.

Why We Partner With the Investor Community.

We partner with the investor community to unlock the full potential of your investments. Through our agile and adaptable fractional marketing services, and strategic partnerships with innovative delivery partners, we enhance the value and growth of your portfolio companies, ensuring your investments yield maximum returns.

Maximising Your Investment Potential With Our Strategic Marketing Expertise.

We intersect with venture capital and private equity investors, where our strategic marketing expertise becomes your competitive advantage. Our fractional marketing solutions are designed to partner with leading VC and PE firms, enhancing the value of your investments from pre-deal due diligence to post-deal growth acceleration and efficient exit strategies.

value we bring to the investment process

How We Increase Your Returns.

Discover how working with us can increase your returns, boost enterprise value, and streamline operational efficiency across your portfolio.


Pre-Investment Marketing Due Diligence.

Our commitment begins in the crucial pre-investment phase. We provide comprehensive marketing due diligence, evaluating the market position, competitive landscape, and growth potential of your target investee companies. By identifying market gaps and opportunities, we offer invaluable insights that inform your investment decisions, mitigate risks, and set the stage for post-investment success.


Post-Investment Growth Acceleration.

Following investment, our focus shifts to maximising the marketing capability of your portfolio companies to enhance EBITDA performance and marketing ROI. We develop and execute growth-oriented marketing strategies tailored to expanding the customer base, entering new markets, and launching new products or services. This strategic approach drives increased revenue, profitability, and ultimately, a significant uplift in enterprise valuation.


Enhancing Operational Efficiency.

Operational efficiency is key to maximising your investment returns. We audit and optimise marketing processes, evaluating people and supplier performance to improve demand generation and reduce customer acquisition costs. Our targeted marketing activities are designed to increase efficiency, ensuring every marketing effort contributes directly to the bottom line.


Increasing Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

Investing in marketing should yield measurable returns. Our strategies are focused on increasing ROMI by boosting brand equity, market share, and customer loyalty. These elements are critical to enhancing the valuation of your portfolio company and ensuring a higher return on your marketing investments.


Increasing Enterprise Value.

Our goal is to significantly increase the enterprise value of your portfolio companies. Through audits and strategic marketing optimisations, we enhance shareholder value by improving brand recognition, expanding market share, and deepening customer loyalty. These efforts contribute directly to a higher company valuation, benefiting investors at the time of exit.


Exit Strategy Execution.

As you prepare for exit, our services pivot to ensure your portfolio company is positioned attractively for potential buyers or investors. Effective branding, marketing communications, and market positioning are key to enhancing the company's appeal, facilitating a successful and profitable exit strategy.


Board Coaching & Mentorship.

Our support extends beyond marketing strategy and execution. We provide board coaching and mentorship, educating not only the C-suite and shareholders on strategic and operational marketing best practices, but also sales and marketing teams. By aligning marketing initiatives with the investment thesis, we help nurture expectations and ensure every marketing effort is strategic and impactful.


Reputation Management.

Protecting the reputation of your investment is paramount. We develop and implement crisis communication plans to address reputational threats promptly and effectively. Our proactive approach helps to safeguard the company's image, minimising the impact on your investment.


Award Winning Fractional Marketing Services.

In less than a year after our launch, we were awarded 'Best Fractional CMO Hire Company UK' and 'Excellence in Marketing Auditing' at the 2024 Innovation in Business MarTech Awards.


Why You Should Choose VCMO as Your Marketing Partner.

Whether you need support conducting marketing due diligence during the pre-investment phase, or improve the marketing capability of your portfolio companies, we present some good reasons for choosing VCMO as your strategic marketing partner.


If you're an investor and want to explore how VCMO can maximise the returns from your portfolio companies, simply get in touch.

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