Mini MBA in Brand Management

Transform your marketing performance to the next level by enrolling on the Beloved Brands Mini MBA in Brand Management. Get access to world-class training to discover how the best marketers think, define, plan, execute, and analyse. Acquire the essential skills and strategies to accelerate your marketing career.

What Is the Beloved Brands Mini MBA?

Developed by Graham Robertson, Founder of Beloved Brands, the Mini MBA in Brand Management is an online marketing course which includes twenty hours of on-demand training that can be learned at your own pace. The Mini MBA is designed for ambitious marketers or business leaders seeking to elevate their brand management skills and stand out in a competitive field. Discover new tools, concepts, and fresh ideas that will empower you to apply strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand plans, advertising decisions and brand analytics more effectively in your organisation.

Summary of the Mini MBA in Brand Management

In this video, Graham walks you through the Mini MBA programme. Watch time 28 minutes.

Why Should I Enrol on the Beloved Brands Mini MBA?

In today’s complex business landscape, marketers face many strategic and operational challenges. With reduced budgets, fewer resources and expectations for marketers to ‘deliver more with less’ it is easy to fall into bad habits.

You should consider enrolling on the Beloved Brands Mini MBA if your marketing team is falling short of expectations, or you’re slipping into these behaviours:

  • Rushing into marketing tactics without strategic reflection.
  • Confusing your customers with unclear messaging or offerings.
  • Sales and marketing teams operating in isolation from each other.
  • Spreading marketing resources too thin by pursuing too many initiatives.
  • Relying on gut feelings and opinions rather than data-driven decision-making.
  • Disorganised marketing execution that lacks alignment with overall business strategy.
  • Attempting to cater to everyone, losing focus on your brand's core identity and audience.

Who Is This Course For?

Accelerate your marketing career

The Mini MBA is tailored for driven marketers eager to enhance their marketing expertise and distinguish themselves in a competitive industry, as well as founders of early-stage scaleups aiming to deepen their understanding of brand management.

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Accelerate your marketing career

Who Is This Course For?

The Mini MBA is tailored for driven marketers eager to enhance their marketing expertise and distinguish themselves in a competitive industry, as well as founders of early-stage scaleups aiming to deepen their understanding of brand management.

What Will I Learn on the Course?

The Mini MBA in Brand Management teaches you how to think, define, plan, execute and analyse. Here’s a summary of what you will cover across the 20-hour program:

Brand Analytics

The Mini MBA will teach you how to lead a deep-dive business review, to assess your brand’s performance and set up smarter strategic thinking, looking at the marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors, and brand.

Learning modules include:

  • Principles of analytics (30 mins)
  • Assessing market/consumers (30 mins)
  • Assessing channels/competitors (30 mins)
  • Assessing the brand (30 mins)
  • Deep-dive business review (30 mins)
  • Marketing finance 101 (30 mins)Full syllabus:

Strategic Thinking

The Mini MBA will show you how to ask the challenging questions by taking a holistic look at your brand’s core strength, competitive landscape, tightness of the consumer bond, and business situation.

Learning modules include:

  • Why brand love matters (45 mins)
  • Thinking style (30 mins)
  • Elements of strategy (30 mins)
  • Core strength (30 mins)
  • Consumer strategy (30 mins)
  • Competitor strategy (30 mins)
  • Situation strategy (30 mins)

Brand Positioning

Discover a new approach to brand positioning that starts with a consumer profile and uses a balance of functional and emotional benefits to find a winning space that is interesting, simple, unique, motivating, and ownable.

Learning modules include:

  • Defining target (30 mins)
  • Consumer insights (30 mins)
  • Consumer benefits (30 mins)
  • Brand positioning statement (40 mins)
  • Brand idea (45 mins)
  • Brand idea map (30 mins)
  • Brand concept (30 mins)
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Marketing Plans

Learn how to use the marketing plan as a decision-making tool that guides everyone who works on the brand. Discover how to write a brand vision, purpose, goals, key issues, strategies and marketing execution plans.

Learning modules include:

  • Brand planning process (20 mins)
  • Vision, purpose, values (30 mins)
  • Issues and strategies (45 mins)
  • Execution plans (35 mins)
  • Brand plan summary (30 mins)
  • Apple case study (20 mins)

Marketing Execution

The training around marketing execution includes the creative brief, innovation process, and sales plan. Learn how to make smart decisions on execution around creative communication and media choices.

Learning modules include:

  • Managing the process (30 mins)
  • Creative brief (45 mins)
  • Ads that draw attention (40 mins)
  • Ads that brand link (40 mins)
  • Ads that communicate (40 mins)
  • Ads that stick (40 mins)
  • Advertising decision-making (35 mins)
  • Media planning decisions (30 mins)
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Register for the Mini MBA in Brand Management

Enrol on the Beloved Brands Mini MBA to master the skills and knowledge that you, or your team members need to excel in brand management. Take the first step towards propelling your marketing performance to new heights.

Price: $495 [Charged in US dollars]

For UK residents, the cost is equivalent to £390 depending on exchange rate and is VAT exempt.

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How Is the Training Delivered?

The Beloved Brands Mini MBA is delivered through distance learning. There are 20 learning hours with content delivered through reading materials, worksheets and video. The course can be learned at your own pace with without the pressure of time limits. Participants apply the tools during and after the training.

A Sneak Peek of Learning Material – Apple Case Study

Here is a sneak preview of some of the learning material. This video case study of Apple is 35-minutes.

Benefits of the Beloved Brands Mini MBA

The Beloved Brands Mini MBA addresses the key pain points that modern marketers and brand leaders face:

  1. Access to Expertise: It offers direct access to world-class expertise, providing insights into best practices in brand analytics, strategic thinking, and marketing execution.
  2. Cost-Effective Learning: The program provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive in-person boot camps, making advanced marketing training more accessible.
  3. Flexible Learning Pace: With on-demand marketing training, it caters to professionals looking to learn at their own pace, accommodating busy schedules.
  4. Career Advancement: The program is designed to help marketers upgrade their skills and stand out in a competitive field, offering a certificate to enhance resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
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Free Marketing Plan Template

Enrol on the Mini MBA programme through VCMO and gain access to a complimentary Marketing Plan Template—a crucial tool designed to keep you organised, focused, and accountable. Utilise this template to craft a comprehensive marketing plan that secures approval from your management team. To claim, simply enter 'VCMO' as the coupon code at checkout.

Why We’ve Partnered with Beloved Brands

Graham Robertson, founder of Beloved Brands, has real-world marketing experience of leading some of the world’s most recognisable brands including Coke, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson. Graham has earned accolades including Marketing Magazine's Marketer of the Year and four Effie awards. In 2020, The Silicon Review ranked Graham one of the top ten CMOs, and in 2022, Tycoon Magazine recognized him as one of the most inspirational leaders in business.

We’ve chosen to partner with Beloved Brands for the quality of its methodologies, tools and learning outcomes that can be applied in the real world to drive sustainable growth. There is also a strong synergy between our mutual values where we analyse everything, break assumptions and bad habits to deliver tangible results.

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If you'd like to enrol on the Mini MBA in Brand Management, simply click to register.

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