LinkedIn Training for Marketers.

This one-day interactive training delivered by MAVERRIK® will transform how your marketing professionals use LinkedIn. Master how to adopt an ‘organic-first’ approach to cut through digital clutter, boost reach, and drive engagement authentically without paid ads or pushy tactics.

Why An ‘Organic-First’ Approach on LinkedIn Is Important

An organic-first approach to LinkedIn marketing prioritises non-paid strategies to establish a strong brand presence and foster meaningful engagement. This involves creating high-quality content tailored to the target audience's needs and interests, actively engaging with followers through comments and messages, and authentically growing the follower base.

By focusing on building genuine relationships and providing value through content, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders, nurture trust and credibility, and drive long-term engagement and loyalty. This approach emphasizes sustainable growth and community-building over quick wins through paid advertising.

Unlocking Marketing Performance Through LinkedIn Training

From a business development perspective, marketing team members in your organisation should aim to achieve several core goals through LinkedIn, including:

  1. Audience Engagement: Cultivate meaningful interactions with your target audience through engaging content, comments, and messages, fostering brand affinity and loyalty.
  2. Brand Awareness: Increase visibility and recognition of your brand by sharing relevant and valuable content that resonates with the audience, establishing your brand as a thought leader in its industry.
  3. Lead Generation: Generate quality leads by leveraging LinkedIn's targeting tools to reach the right audience with compelling offers and content, driving prospects to take desired actions.
  4. Thought Leadership: Position your brand and its key personnel as industry authorities by sharing valuable insights, expertise, and opinions on relevant topics, earning trust and credibility among followers.
  5. Community Building: Foster a community of engaged followers and advocates by creating and participating in conversations, networking with industry peers, and providing valuable resources and support.
  6. Conversion and Sales Support: Support the sales process by providing marketing-qualified leads and nurturing prospects through the sales funnel with relevant content and engagement.
  7. Employee Advocacy: Encourage and empower employees to become brand ambassadors by sharing company content and engaging with their networks, amplifying the reach and impact of marketing efforts.

Who Is This LinkedIn Training For?

unlock your marketing potential

LinkedIn Training for Marketers is designed for marketing teams comprising of both junior and senior marketing professionals, in any size organisation or sector. It is suitable for marketers seeking to optimise their LinkedIn presence, connect with key prospects, and drive business growth.

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unlock your marketing potential

Who Is This LinkedIn Training For?

LinkedIn Training for Marketers is designed for marketing teams comprising of both junior and senior marketing professionals, in any size organisation or sector. It is suitable for marketers seeking to optimise their LinkedIn presence, connect with key prospects, and drive business growth.

What Will I Learn on this Course?

This one-day training course will guide your marketing team on using LinkedIn to increase reach, engagement, and followership without paid ads. Covering LinkedIn company pages, content marketing, ads, organic reach, and lead generation, the workshop also delves into advertising essentials, building an ad funnel, and aligning ads with Sales Navigator, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of LinkedIn's capabilities. The training covers:

Company Page

  • Company Page Essentials
  • Growing Followers
  • Analytics and Features
  • Managing multiple pages

Content Marketing

  • Creating content for pages
  • Driving engagement and reach
  • Recommended content
  • Optimising for the algorithm
  • Driving traffic offsite
  • LinkedIn Email Newsletters

Paid Ads and Organic Reach

  • Advertising Essentials
  • Influencer Ads
  • Building an Ad funnel
  • Aligning Ads with Sales Navigator

Lead Generation

  • Lead Gen with LinkedIn Events
  • Loaded polls to drive leads and reach
  • Self-propelling content
  • LinkedIn Audio events
  • Managing the page inbox
  • Organic lead forms
linkedin for marketers

How Is the Training Delivered?

When it comes to training solutions, modern businesses demand flexibility. That's why we have chosen to partner with MAVERRIK® as this training course can be delivered in-person or virtually in various formats including:
• Workshop
• Online Course
• Adoption Programme
• 1:1 Coaching
• As A Service

How Much Does LinkedIn Training for Marketers Cost?

£4,500 +VAT for a training day delivered to a group of up to 20 marketing professionals.

Why We’ve Partnered with MAVERRIK®

Founded by Dean Seddon, MAVERRIK is Europe’s largest independent Social Selling consulting and training company. Since 2014, they have trained more than 200,000 people and helped companies generate more than £200million in new revenue directly attributed to social selling and LinkedIn marketing.

We’ve chosen to partner with MAVERRIK as they understand the real challenges of leveraging social selling and social marketing to build brands and win new business. Their philosophy is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that works for everyone.

MAVERRIK’s approach is very much aligned to our values which is to help clients meet their goals in a way which is repeatable, scalable and drives results. They also believe that the best results come when learning is fun, training is practical and everyone is supported.


If you'd like to arrange bespoke LinkedIn training for your marketing team, simply get in touch.

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