CV Workshop.

It's tough letting good people go when you're faced with downsizing the business. So give them the best prospects of securing their next role through our CV Workshop.

Support Your Employees Through the Redundancy Process

In times of potential employee redundancy, going above and beyond to assist them in securing new employment not only reflects your company's values but also strengthens your employer brand. Demonstrating empathy and offering comprehensive support fosters high morale and productivity within your workforce.

However, it's disheartening that only a handful of in-house HR teams or recruitment agencies offer tailored assistance with CVs and covering letters, let alone guidance on optimising LinkedIn profiles. This is where our specialised CV Workshop excels, bridging the gap and providing the essential guidance your employees need during this crucial phase of their careers.

Who Is the CV Workshop For?

Our CV workshop is designed for anyone facing the prospects of redundancy and requires expert guidance on crafting a compelling CV that gets noticed by recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS), construct a covering letter that ignites interest, and optimising their personal LinkedIn profile to command attention from potential recruiters.

How Long Is the CV Workshop?

The day-long on-site workshop provides is conducted at your preferred business premises. It is not offered as remote learning.

Note - the Workshop is currently only delivered in the UK.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the CV Workshop, each participant should be able to:

  • Understand why CVs and covering letters are necessary;
  • Understand how an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and recruiters review CVs;
  • How to select the right CV format for applications;
  • How to build a CV that is optimised for an ATS and recruiters;
  • How to write a covering letter that creates a strong first impression;
  • How to avoid classic CV and covering letter mistakes;
  • How to optimise your personal LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters.

During the CV Workshop

  • This day-long workshop will be delivered by one of VCMOs marketing experts.
  • In order to maximise learning outcomes, the CV Workshop will be taught in a small cohort of between 5 to 20 participants to maximise learning value and time with the trainer.
  • Participants will require a laptop to work on their CV during the training.

After the CV Workshop

Participants attending the CV workshop will:

  • Receive templates and cheat sheets to help them write their CV, covering letters and optimise their LinkedIn profiles;
  • Have a good understanding of how Applicant Tracking Systems work and optimise their CV and covering letters to avoid rejection when applying for online jobs;
  • Have the practical knowledge to strengthen the assets required by recruiters to enhance their selection prospects;
  • Have their optimised CV tested through an ATS with direct feedback on how to make further improvements;
  • Have practical knowledge of how to optimise their LinkedIn profile to increase their chances of being found by recruiters;
  • Be able to write content that is concise and has impact.

What Does the CV Workshop Cost?

Our pricing structure is based on the number of people attending each workshop. Workshops are limited to a maximum of 20 participants

£1,500 + VAT for workshops with up to 10 employees

£2,000 + VAT for workshops with 11 to 20 employees

Additional Photography Service

We also offer a photography add-on service where our professional photographer will take and edit several headshots of each participant. Six photos per candidate will be optimised for social media profiles and the image license will be assigned to the individual.

Add £750+ VAT to the above costs (does not include photographer's travel costs).


If you'd like us to run a CV Workshop for your employees, simply get in touch.

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